National Bike to Work Week is May 14th-18th

National Bike to Work Week is May 14th-18th

 Here are our top tips to get you started biking to work and to stay motivated:

 May 14th is Bike to work week showers pass

Commuting by Bike is one of the most healthy lifestyle changes you can make. If you don't already commute by bike here are 5 Tips to Help You Start Commuting By Bike:

  1. Plan your route.  Choose a low-stress route with bike lanes or quiet side streets.
  2. Use the bike you have, take bike share if you have one in your city or borrow a bike.
  3. Dress for the weather.  Bring a rain jacket if it is likely to rain, bring a change of clothes if your commute is over 5 miles. If you start to overheat stop and remove layers.
  4. Bring a lock or store your bike in a secure building.
  5. Repeat. It takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.Tips on how to Commute by Bike


Stay motivated, 5 reasons to keep bike commuting:

  1. You save money, it costs just $308 per year in bike upkeep compared to $9,000 for owning a car.
  2. The average person loses 13 pounds in the first year of bike commuting.
  3. Cycling helps reduce stress and improves your mental health.
  4. Bike Commuters are entitled to a $20 per month tax-free reimbursement for bike-related expenses.
  5. You’ll always get the best parking spot.

 work hard ride home

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