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Mountain Bike Apparel

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High-performance mountain bike apparel engineered to help you crush miles on any adventure. Showers Pass designs all of our mountain bike apparel with a unique blend of high-quality fabrics to provide optimal comfort while maintaining a high level of performance.

At A Glance


Created by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. We understand the importance of designing mountain bike apparel for comfort, practicality, and performance. Each piece of mountain bike apparel is crafted from premium-quality materials to ensure you can hit the mountain without worrying about protection from the weather.

Go Further

Dependably tested in the grueling high desert of Eastern Oregon, our mountain bike apparel is designed to meet the demands of the most extreme environments. Whether it's high desert, mountain paths, or gravel roads our mountain bike apparel will help you go further for longer.


From casual day trips to extreme expeditions, our mountain bike apparel is crafted to withstand the unique challenges of active lifestyles. We believe in constantly testing and refining mountain bike apparel to reach the highest performance possible.

The best journey starts with the best gear.

All day comfort and performance that works with you, not against you.