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Are you passionate about embracing the elements and exploring the great outdoors? At Showers Pass, we're a team of adventure seekers based in Portland, Oregon. We're bikers, runners, hikers, and all-around outdoor lovers like you. Our mission? To make sure everyone spends more time outside, rain or shine.

About Us

We're not just another gear company. We're a community of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to helping you gear up and get out there. From our waterproof-breathable outerwear to our performance apparel and waterproof accessories, we have you covered for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hitting the trails, tackling the mountains, or exploring the urban jungle, our high-performance gear is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Our Vision

At Showers Pass, we believe that spending time in nature isn't just good for the soul—it's good for the planet, too. That's why we're on an industry-leading mission to get more people outside, no matter the weather. When we're happier and more connected to the outdoors, we're better stewards of the environment. And that's something we can all get behind.

Our Industry Professional Program

If you're located in the United States and are a part of the outdoor industry, we want to partner with you. Our Industry Professional Program offers exclusive discounts and benefits to qualified members. Whether you're a retail associate, outdoor educator, team or club member, or first responder, we've got something special for you. You can apply if you are a part of the following categories:

  • Outdoor Industry Companies and Organizations
  • Sponsored Outdoor Teams and Clubs
  • Outdoor Recreation Professionals
  • Approved Partner Organizations
  • Outdoor Educators
  • First Responders

Program Highlights

  • Exclusive discounts on our high-performance gear
  • Access to our knowledgeable team for expert advice and recommendations
  • Flat-rate shipping to anywhere in the USA
  • No-hassle exchanges (sorry, no refunds)


  • Purchase gear only for personal use - As is standard for pro programs, this discount is for you and you alone. Do not purchase gear for or on behalf of others. This includes family, coworkers, and even your friend Steve who totally rips. If they're eligible, encourage them to join the program themselves. Occasionally, we'll offer you a chance to share your discount or purchase gifts for others.
  • Subscribe to our emails—Who needs more emails, right? Here's the deal: We want our pros to be knowledgeable about our products and technologies. Our pros are the best ambassadors. You can unsubscribe anytime, but pro pricing could be removed from your account. 
  • Be a good ambassador - We're giving you a discount because we think you're awesome. We hope that you feel the same about us and that you speak favorably about our products, recommend them to others, and direct them to your preferred retailer or
  • Learn more about our history and mission. - Showers Pass has over a quarter century of experience making technically advanced waterproof apparel and accessories.
  • Take good care of your gear! - Check out our care instructions. Keep your Showers Pass gear in working order and out of a landfill.
  • Discounts cannot be combined - Industry Professional discounts cannot be combined with other sales and promotions, including rewards points.

Note: Applying to the Showers Pass Industry Professional program does not guarantee approval. We can also ask you to renew your application. Failure to abide by program policy conditions will result in losing your pro status. It will also make us sad.

Apply Today:

Ready to gear up and get outside? Apply to our Industry Professional Program today to become part of the Showers Pass community. Together, let's make every day an adventure.

Stay dry, stay active, and stay awesome.

- The Showers Pass Team