Women's Running Apparel

Crosspoint Knit Waterproof Gloves
$28.20 $47.00
Crosspoint Ultralight Waterproof Socks
$25.20 $42.00
Lightweight Waterproof Socks - Crosspoint Classic
From $26.40 $44.00
Tempo Socks - Crew
$6.00 $15.00
Tempo Socks - Quarter
$5.20 $13.00
Tempo Socks - No-Show
$4.40 $11.00
Reflective Torch Socks - Crew Height
$4.25 $5.00
Crosspoint Waterproof Beanie
$33.15 $39.00
SP Neck Gaiter
$20.40 $24.00
Ion-Defense Face Mask
$3.00 $5.00
Wildwood Running Cap
$24.65 $29.00
Navigator Running Cap
$41.65 $49.00
Cross Point Waterproof Knit Gloves: Sport

Shop our women's running apparel. Featuring running jackets, baselayers, and accessories to keep you running longer, no matter the weather. Shopping for extra cold and wet weather? Check out our collection of Women's Winter Running Gear, or head back to check out All Running Apparel from Showers Pass.

At A Glance

Performance Fabrics

Our women's running apparel is engineered to meet the unique challenges of outdoor and active lifestyles. That's why we utilize a combination of premium-quality fabrics and natural fibers for the ultimate performance gear. Enjoy women's running apparel that wicks moisture and regulates body temperature all while decreasing odor-forming bacteria.

Freedom of Movement

There's no better feeling than running unrestricted. Our women's running apparel is built with 4-way stretch fabrics to increase mobility and provide a full range of motion. From our running jackets to our running pants, you'll be sure to enjoy every minute of your run in Showers Pass women's running apparel.


We understand that to achieve peak performance, you also have to feel good in your gear. That's why our women's running apparel is designed to be lightweight and comfortable while remaining highly durable. Tailored for a women-specific fit for any body type, our women's running apparel is the perfect companion for both active and leisure days, on or off the trail.