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Waterproof Breathable Technology

Anatomy of Waterproof-Breathable 3-Layer Fabric

  • Face Fabric: The most visible component of your rain gear, the face fabric serves as a protective layer. A durable water repellent (DWR) finish helps water to bead up and roll off the fabric without saturating it.​
  • Waterproof-breathable membrane: Our waterproof-breathable membranes are covered in billions of microscopic pores, giving the laminate its unique waterproof-breathable properties. Water droplets are too large to pass through the membrane, keeping you dry, but the pores are the perfect size to let small water vapor molecules (sweat and body moisture) escape rather than building up inside of your jacket.
  • Liner: On a 3-layer fabric a lining serves as a protective layer that lifts the membrane from the surface of your skin for increased comfort and performance. The liner wicks your body’s sweat and moves it through the membrane, so it does not build up inside your jacket.

     Artex 2.5 layer fabrics, a charcoal or cellulose raised print on the membrane takes the place of a lining. The printed “half” layer serves the same purpose as a laminated liner (lifts membrane from skin, protects from abrasion, oils and damage) but allows for a super compact and lightweight jacket. The print has wicking properties that pulls moisture from the surface of your skin so it can easily pass through the membrane 3 layer fabrics have a laminated tricot liner offers increased protection of the membrane and drier feel on the skin while cutting down the bulk of traditional 2 layer fabrics that have hanging liners. The extra protection allows for a thinner membrane with a higher concentration of pores and therefore a more breathable, durable garment.


Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is a hydrophobic water resistant coating that is applied to the outer material to help water droplets ball up and roll easily off the jacket. Without the DWR finish water droplets would begin to saturate the face fabric, making it feel heavy and decreasing the waterproofness and breathability of the garment. If your jacket seems to be absorbing water (droplets do not roll off) it is important to reapply a coating of DWR. We recommend Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray.

Glossary of Technical Terms

To give the convenience of zippered pockets and vents while maintaining our All Elements Covered waterproof promise, some Showers Pass jackets are equipped with water resistant zippers. Zipper “garages” protect the critical junction where the sliders rest at the top of the track.

When sewing together pieces of waterproof-breathable fabric, needle holes become potential points of entry for water droplets. Seam tape is a waterproof adhesive that is applied to the seams, keeping you dry.


Our Fabric Brands:

  elite Performance Fabrics (ePF) are waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable. They combine technically advanced face fabrics with waterproof membranes providing a superior moisture vapor transfer rate.

Artex Performance Fabrics protect from wind, rain, and snow - and help you stay dry from the inside out. These proprietary fabrics are waterproof, breathable and feature durable layered construction.

Artex Hardshell 2.5 DC is named for the revolutionary Double Charcoal print that wicks moisture and lifts the membrane layer off your skin, offering a softer drier feel than other 2.5 layer fabrics; without adding bulk.